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Service Areas Set up Along Roads in Ningbo
Updated:2018-09-30 10:17:00
In general, service areas are built along expressways. Recently, on the ordinary roads in Ningbo, service areas have been built one after another. The passengers can also enjoy parking, rest, shopping, catering, car washing, refueling and charging. Sinopec Ningbo Petroleum Branch and Ningbo Shuntong Group held the í░Signing Ceremony of Strategic Cooperation Project for General Road Comprehensive Service Stationí▒, which will form a joint venture company and be responsible for the comprehensive service station project of general road.
As one of the six state-owned capital investment operation companies in Yuyao City, Ningbo Shuntong Group mainly undertakes the comprehensive transportation infrastructure construction in Yuyao City, resources development of roads and urban function, operation of public transportation, development of key logistics industry and state-owned capital management. The joint venture company is mainly responsible for the general road comprehensive service station project, with a total investment of 500 million yuan. After the site is completed and put into operation, it is expected to realize an operating income of about 1 billion yuan.
According to reports, two road service stations have been built in Yuyao, Mazhu Road Service Station and Xiajialing Road Service Station. The latter makes full use of its natural resources and designs a double-decked corridor. The lower floor is a place to rest, and the upper floor is a landscape platform for visitors.
Relevant persons said that as an important part of the construction of Zhejiangí»s beautiful economic traffic corridor, the general road integrated service station is public and commercial, supporting services such as parking, rest, toilet, shopping, catering, car washing, refueling and charging.
According to the data released by the Municipal Highway Bureau, by the end of the í░Thirteenth Five-Year Planí▒, the city will build 120 general highway service stations. Among them, there are 46 provincial highway service stations and 74 rural road service stations.


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