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Ningbo Held Chess Grading Competition
Updated:2018-07-11 15:08:00
The National Chess Promotion Project 2018 was held in Ningbo Experimental School. This is the first time that the city has launched a chess grading competition. The players who have been successfully graded and upgraded will receive the grade certificate recognized by China Chess Association.
Zhejiang Youth Chess Championship has been held in Ningbo for two consecutive years. The young participants for this competition and the annual city tournaments are increasing rapidly. Therefore, we specially launched the Ningbo Chess Grade Competition, which was opened for the players. The promotion channel will be held twice a year. The set of groups will start from the grading group, then the tenth, ninth, and eighth levels... until the first-grade chess player. said Yan Shien, secretary general of the Ningbo Chess Association. It has also been recognized by China Chess Association who authorized Ningbo Chess Association to issue the corresponding grade certificate.
At present, 8 schools including Huangli Primary School, Sizhoulu Primary School, Jujing Primary School in Fenghua and Ciji Primary School in Cixi have become schools which specializes in chess. The majority of the 500 players who participated on July 8th were also primary and kindergarten teenagers. Xu Zheqing, a second-year boy from Gaotang Primary School, is already a first-grade chess player. He participates in the highest-level elite group which is composed of chess masters, alternate chess masters and first-grade chess players, and amateur adult male and female players.
The competition also attracted players from Beijing, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Jinhua and other places.


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