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China·CEEC Contemporary Art Exhibition
Updated:2018-07-05 15:32:00
“Differences & Coexistence”, the China·CEEC Contemporary Art Exhibition opened at the Sofia Chinese Cultural Center in Bulgaria with the China Innovative Cultural Goods Exhibition. Both two exhibitions were hosted by the Sofia Cultural Center in China
It is reported that the art exhibition will last for more than a month, exhibiting more than 100 works from 27 outstanding artists from 17 countries in China and Central and Eastern Europe, including oil painting, Chinese ink painting. The China Innnovative Cultural Goods Exhibition will last a week, of which the Chinese goods displayed are mainly various kinds of artistic tools and raw materials produced by Ningbo enterprises.
The successful opening of the exhibition will promote the coordination between cultural exchanges and cultural trade. It will also help Ningbo enterprises to enter the Central and Eastern European markets through the activities of the national platform.
From July 6th to 8th, the 7th China-Central and Eastern European Countries Summit and Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum will be held in Sofia.
This art exhibition will be a chance for the participants to understand the contemporary art of China and Central and Eastern Europe.
As the operator of the Sofia Chinese Cultural Center, Ningbo will strengthen the cooperation with Central and Eastern European countries to enhance the construction of “The Belt and Road”, and building platforms for cultural and economic exchanges and cooperation. Since the first Central and Eastern European Specialty Exhibition held in June 2014, it has hosted the Central and Eastern Europe Expo three times and China-Central and Eastern Europe Economy and Trade Promotion Ministerial Conference twice.



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