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Ningbo Developed Clam Breed "Wanli No. 2"
Updated:2018-07-04 17:33:00

Clam Wanli No. 2 has become one of the 19 new aquatic species issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, which is cultivated by Zhejiang Wanli University.
 Clam Wanli No. 2, larger than ordinary Clam, with sawtooth pattern on dark gray bottom, is the second new clam breed cultivated by Zhejiang Wanli University. Dr. Dong Yinghui, an associate researcher at the Institute of Biology and Environment of Zhejiang Wanli University, said that the high-yielding "Wanli 2" was selected from the 4th generation of the Dongying clam population in Shandong Province and it was only after two years of pilot breeding that the breeding was successful.
Lin Zhihua, vice president of the Zhejiang Wanli University and a researcher of Clam "Wanli No. 2", said that as the country launched the "blue granary" program, it was important to cultivate and improve the new breed of aquatic products and proteins in the sea. In addition, the breeding industry in coastal areas is easily affected by typhoon and other extreme weathers. For example, the death rate of shellfish culture is about 80% in high temperature and very low salinity water, and it is urgent to cultivate good varieties with good anti reverse performance.
Dong Yinghui said: the average growth rate of "Wanli 2" has increased by 34.8%, and about 350 million seeds of high-quality seedlings have been bred in Xiangshan, Ninghai, Ouhai, Jiangsu Nantong, Yancheng, Lianyungang and other places, with a total of more than 2300 mu(153.3 hectares). It takes two years for the ordinary clams to be put on the market, while Wanli 2 has been shorted for 6 months, which is suitable for aquaculture in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shandong provinces.



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