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Ningbo Enters the Era of Electronic Invoice
Updated:2018-07-04 15:55:00
The public will witness the facilitation of Internet and tax. It is reported that the Ningbo Power Supply Company of State Grid has implemented the electronic invoice for electricity value-added tax, and the Ningbo Water Supply Co., Ltd. also has implemented it in Haishu, Jiangbei, Zhangzhou, Zhenhai and Beilun districts since July 1. The public can download, query and print the electronic invoices from the official website, mobile app and email, saving both time and labour.
An official in taxation department said that the electronic invoices business of water and electricity fees brought much convenience for citizens, saving much time and avoiding many problems, such as fake invoice and losing invoice.
For water and power supply companies, electronic invoice could reduce labour cost and improve efficiency, which is expected to save about 420,000 copies of invoices per month for related companies.


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