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Ningbo Held China International Chess TV Rapid
Updated:2018-06-29 10:11:00

The opening ceremony of the 2018 "Yinzhou Cup" China International Chess TV Rapid was held at the Dongqian Lake Hotel. As the first TV rapid of its kind in China, the game attracted Yu Yangyi, Wei Yi, Li Chao and Bu Xiangzhi, four domestically leading international chess players. With the double round robin system, the event will include six rounds of games at the Dongqian Lake, and the champion will win an award of 100,000 yuan.
The event is sponsored by the Chess & Cards Management Center of the General Administration of Sports of China, Chinese Chess Association, Ningbo Sports Bureau and Yinzhou District Government. The games will be broadcast live at, with Xujun, international grandmaster and Chief Coach of Chinese Men's Chess Team, and Shen Yang, female international grandmaster, being the commentators.
Yinzhou District, as the training base of Chinese National Team of Chess, has been the hosting venue of the 5th, 7th and 9th China-Russia Chess Competition, the 2nd World Women's Chess Team Championship in 2009, the 2011 World Chess Team Championship and he 2013 China-US Chess Competition.




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