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"Holistic tourism volunteer service month" Activity Inagurates
Updated:2018-06-12 15:34:00

Jointly organized by Ningbo Commission of Tourism Development and Ningbo Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, the launching ceremony of the "holistic tourism volunteer service month" as well as the flag-giving ceremony for the "Ningbo young volunteer service team for tourism" was held on June 6. It indicates that the young students from Ningbo University, the Tourism College of Ningbo City College of Vocational Technology, College of Science and Technology of Ningbo University, Ningbo Institute of Technology of Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Business Technology Institute and the Dongqian Lake Tourism School, together with the such tourism volunteers as the gold-medal tour guides and the "golden key" hotel experts, will play a more active role in the building of the civilized city.
The major activities of the "holistic tourism volunteer service month", with the aim of motivating the tourism volunteers, especially the young volunteers, to conduct the volunteer services, include civilized tourism guidance and publicity, the treatment and beautification of scenic area environment, free guided tours, the "red tourism" publicity, teaching of tourism-related craftsmanship and recruitment of international tourism volunteers, which will all help create a strong holistic tourism atmosphere involving all the people. According to the statistics of Ningbo Commission of Tourism Development, there are now 11 general tourism volunteer teams and nine branch teams in Ningbo, with the total number of tourism volunteers standing at about 20,000.



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