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Ningbo's Ecological Environment Improves Moderately and Steadily
Updated:2018-06-08 11:04:00

Just one day before the 47th World Environment Day, Ningbo Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau released the 2017 Report of the State of Environment in Ningbo, according to which the ecological environment quality of the city was rated as “distinct”, the water quality of the main water sources realized a qualified rate of 100%, the water quality of the surface water was greatly improved and the water worse than the Class Ⅴwas all eliminated.
In 2017, Ningbo accelerated the development of the "zero drainage areas of sewage", leading to the obvious improvement of the water quality. According to the report, the water quality of the drinking water sources was excellent, with all the 34 drinking water sources under surveillance up to the standard. The nutrition state of the lake or reservoir sources of drinking water was mainly rated as medium-nutrition.
The water quality of the surface water was further improved. Among all the 80 monitoring sections, the excellent rate of the water quality reached 71.3%, an increase of 22.5 percentage points over 2016. Such major pollutant indexes as the ammonium nitrogen concentration, BOD and petroleum concentration witnessed declines.
As for the water quality of the major water systems, the branch sources of the Yongjiang River system as well as the rivers in Ninghai County and Xiangshan County had a higher qualified rate, while the plain rivers had a lower one.
The air quality has witnessed a stable and moderate improvement, with the levels of such major pollutants as PM2.5, PM10, SO2 and NO2 decreasing steadily, the number of days with haze declining, the acid rain rate dropping and the areas with heavy acid rain eliminated. In terms of air quality, Ningbo ranked No.17 among the 74 major cities in China in 2017, compared with No.19 in 2016. However, the report also shows that there was still a clear compound pollution trend. The PM2.5 concentration exceeded the national standard (Level 2), and the ozone density increased over the previous year, both being the key factors that affected the air quality.
It is worth noting that the economical environment quality has maintained a high level, as the eco-environment state index stood at 80.7, rated as excellent and ranking No.5 among the 11 large cities in Zhejiang Province. To be specific, the eco-environment state rate of Ninghai County, Xiangshan County, Fenghua District, Haishu District, Yuyao County, Beilun District and Yinzhou District was "excellent", while that of Cixi County, Zhenhai District and Jingbei District was "good".



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