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Ningbo Begins Construction of 92 Projects
Updated:2018-04-09 15:42:00

Ningbo city, in East China's Zhejiang province announced the beginning of construction of 92 projects to expand efficient investment.
As part of Zhejiang's total of 653 projects, the 92 in Ningbo, worth 127.9 billion yuan (20.29 billion), are from seven fields including agriculture, service, transportation, energy and urban construction. The biggest project among them is the G92N highway connecting Hangzhou and Ningbo, which has been assigned a total investment of 19 billion yuan.
The construction of these projects is closely related to the economic goals set by Ningbo government for 2018 and serves the city's ambition in developing the Hangzhou Bay and building a big garden. According to city officials, there will be 197 major projects in total to be constructed in 2018, with an investment of 504.5 billion yuan.



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