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Ningbo Jiufeng Cemetery Built "Herb Pavilion" and "Herb Garden"
Updated:2018-04-04 10:09:00
Ningbo Jiufeng Cemetery, a commercial Cemetery supported by Ningbo Municipality completed the construction of "Herb Pavilion" and "Herb Garden" to commemorate traditional Chinese medicine, accompanied by a charity event aimed to call for public contribution.
It is introduced that the Cemetery calls on visitors to express their respect and mourning by planting flowers and trees to protect environment. With Zhong Yitang and other famous Ningbo practitioners of Chinese medicine resting here, "Herb Pavilion" and "Herb Garden" were built in honor of great contribution of traditional Chinese medicine to human kind. Part of the deign of the pavilion and the garden is based on the ancient Chinese myth of Shennong(the Divine Farmer), forming a unique landscape. This year, fountains, green belts, riverside roads, walls of "twenty-four filial piety stories" were also built in the cemetery, with flowers including red maple, peony, sakura, crape myrtle, lily to be planted.



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