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Spring Outing Season Begins
Updated:2018-04-03 14:36:00

The Bamboo Shoots Digging Festival was launched in the Hengxi Bamboo grove. The festival will last a fortnight, during which tourists can dig and eat bamboo shoots. The activity is part of 2018 Zhenhai Spring Outing Season project. In the next two months, a number of rural tourism activities such as flower appreciation and marathon will be held by communities, scenic resorts and related departments of Zhenhai District, bringing more pleasure and fun.
With gentle spring breeze, flowers in gardens are in full blossom.  "Flowers Blooming in Zhuangshi District activity enables tourists to enjoy pear flowers in Guangming Village and Yongwang. Other interactive activities include field running and calligraphy contest. Besides, fruits and melons are also ripe in the bright spring days. Wantang (Lanshan) strawberry base and Sijiyongyi Organic Farm are good choices for a happy pastoral experience. Newly-picked fresh tomatoes from Feihong and Fanrong fruit and vegetable planting bases will make their debut in the Ningbo botanical garden.
In addition, antique searching, Jiulong Lake half marathon and flower festival will also be held.



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