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Beautiful Rural Roads Boost Rural Revitalization
Updated:2018-04-02 15:15:00

On top of the 900-meter tall mountain between Ninghai County and Xinchang County, the Wanghaigang Service Station is located on the S311 road. On the rural road leading to the Xujiashan Village, a famous historic and cultural village in China, the service station demonstrates the village’s features of stone building. Along the Xialian Road of Xiangshan County, the Yijia Road Service Station serves both as a service center and a scenic spot, as part of the surrounding landscape.
Along the freeways, national roads or provincial roads, arterial highways and even the rural roads, there are a number of service stations. So far, there have been 66 service stations like the Wanghaigang Service Station. By the end of the 13th Five-year Plan period, there will be 120 such service stations.
The services stations, especially those along the rural roads, have become the highlights of the beautiful villages, serving the rural revitalization strategy.




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