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Little Librarians in Action
As a part of summer vacation activity organized by the Ningguang Community, a group of left-behind children, who came to Ningbo to stay with their parents during the summer vacation, served as “little librarians” of the Xinhua Bookstore of Yinzhou District.
Ningbo Contemporary Art Festival Comes to Successful End
With the ending of the modern dance show “13 Months”, the five-day Ningbo Contemporary Art Festival as well as the Modern Dance Season came to a successful end on the evening.   As a gathering occasion for the contemporary art from home and abroad, Ning...
Sunflowers in Full Bloom
The large stretch of sunflower fields at the ecological corridor of the eastern new town of Ningbo has recently attracted a lot of citizens. On August 5, a group of visitors were appreciating the flowers and taking pictures despite the hot weather.
Innovation Brisk at Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone
The New Materials Science and Technology City of Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone has entered a stage of active innovation. For the first half of this year, the zone has achieved a total trading volume for technological contacts of 890 million yuan, ranking No....
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