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Ningbo-Shaoxing Week activity launched
It has become a hot topic as for how to accelerate the construction of the integrated demonstration area for Hangzhou, Shaoxing and Ningbo, and how to co-build the core area of the “greater bay area of Yangtze River Delta area” and the “golden southern w...
5G boosts industrial park in Yuyao
The Homes Innovation Park in Yuyao, in Zhejiang province, was recently equipped with cutting-edge 5G technologies, making it the first 5G-powered smart industrial park in the province.   The park plans to establish an intelligent platform based on 5G tech...
1000-people feast held at Dongmen Fishing Village
Over 400 tables of dishes with strong fishermen’s flavor were arranged on the Binhai Avenue of the Dongmen Fishing Village of Shipu Port of Xiangshan County, attracting a number of local villagers and tourists. It is a special tradition of the village to h...
Heavy traffic flow expected for waxberry-picking season
Waxberry-picking season is coming. Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge South Connection Line of G15 Shenhai Expressway, due to its special geographical location, is expected to have heavy traffic flow in the following two weeks. To this end, the expressway traffi...
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