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Ningbo Petrochemical Economic & Technological Development Zone
Updated:2018-11-05 16:47:00

Ningbo Petrochemical Economic & Technological Development Zone is located in the northeast of Ningbo and on the southern bank of Hangzhou Bay. Lying next to the river and sea, the zone has superior natural conditions and the construction land is reclaimed from the river.
Traffic and transportation
The zone boasts of convenient traffic and transportation. The zone is adjacent to the largest public liquid chemicals wharf in China and only 24 kilometers away from the Beilun Port, one of the largest excellent deep-water ports in China. The zone is available with the around-city freeway of Ningbo, the No.329 State Road, the Zhoushan Island Bridge and the Century Avenue, and the planned coastal expressway will run through the zone. With the opening of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge and high-speed railroad, the zone has now a better land traffic and transportation with North China and South China.
With a planned area of 40 square kilometers, the zone aims to develop the basic chemical materials and processed petrochemical products based on the leading oil refining and ethylene industries and the liquid chemicals wharf. To build it as the state-level petrochemical industrial base and national demonstration zone for recycling economy, the block is divided into the four industrial blocks for oil refining and ethylene new materials and compound materials, basic organic raw materials, and refined chemicals and inorganic raw materials. Meanwhile, the land reclamation work will be continued to obtain more space for the zone.
With the requirements of ¡°advanced planning, infrastructure construction, Sino-foreign cooperation and sustainable development¡±, the zone has such special advantages as waterfront location, rich raw materials, well-equipped facilities, convenient logistics and closeness to markets.  Since its large-scale construction in 2003, the zone has developed as one of the major domestic industrial bases for petrochemical and chemical new materials by improving the infrastructure development, promoting the business attraction of the industrial chain and enhancing the administration and service standard on an overall basis. At present, over 50 large and medium-sized petrochemical or chemical enterprises have been attracted to settle down at the zone.
After years¡¯ development, Ningbo Petrochemical Economic & Technological Development Zone has become one of the major petrochemical and chemical industrial parks or zones in China.




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