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Ningbo Economic & Technical Development Zone (NETD)
Updated:2018-06-10 15:39:00
Ningbo Economic & Technical Development Zone (NETD), being one of the earliest and largest national development zones was officially established in October in 1984.
Located at the seashore of the East China Sea, east in Ningbo city and near Beilun Port, NETD ranges 614 square kilometers and is 27 kilometers far from the city center. Over the past 29 years, NETD has become the first choice for foreign investment for its favorable investment environment.
Transportation is convenient in Ningbo. Ningbo has developed a highly coordinated transportation system of highway, railway, seaway and air flights with the ports as its center. Ningbo Lishe International Airport has airlines to other cities in China; With Xiao-Yong Railway multiple tracks as its main branch and Beilun Railway, Hongzhen Railway, Yu-Ci Railway and Baisha Railway as sub-branches, the railway system is connected to Zhe-Gan Railway and Hu-Hang Railway and links with the port area of Ningbo; Ningbo also interconnects a number of highways, greatly improving the public traffic capacity; besides, Ningbo Port equipped with advanced facilities fully assumes the responsibility of seaway transportation.
NETD is located in the Yangtze River Delta city group with distinguished advantages in terms of talents, resources, investment and market. It acts as a gateway for foreign investments into China’s market. Export enterprises take the advantage of Beilun Port to connect to the international market while enterprises aiming at the domestic market can have better chances accessing the Yangtze River market and other markets in Mainland China.
As an advanced manufacturing base, NETD has formed a cooperative developing structure of four main industries. The main focus is on the development of petrochemical industry, equipment manufacturing industry, automobile industry, new energy and clean energy industry, hi-tech and emerging industry. NETD will also upgrade the steel industry, paper industry, traditional energy industry, mold industry, cable industry, fabrics industry, stationary industry and food industry; it will speed up the promotion of modern service industry and urban agriculture.



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