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Daxie Development Zone
Updated:2018-03-12 15:08:00

Daxie Development Zone is located in the central section of the coastline of the mainland China. At the “T-shaped” converging point of the golden watercourse and the golden coastline of the Yangtze River, Daxie is a deep-water port zone in east Ningbo, at the Yangtze River Delta area with greatest vitality and potential for development. The development zone was approved by the State Council in March 1993, and has since been an economic and technological development zone at the state level. Since its establishment in 1993, the zone has developed a fairly complete set of facilities, and served as a modern port and port-related energy and petrochemical base.
With a 26-kilometer-long coastline and a 10.7-kilometer-long deep-water coastline, Daxie Development Zone has its unique advantages for developing port-based industries and port transportation. There will be 61 berths in various forms with an annual throughput of 150 million tons. The Daxie Island is equipped with the international deep-water shipping channel for the access of 300,000-ton class vessels. With the surrounding Zhoushan Islands and Chuanshan Peninsular, the Daxie Island is an excellent natural deep-water port with superior port conditions.
Based on its unique deep-water resources and geographical location, Daxie Development Zone has introduced a group of petrochemical enterprises, terminal operators and storage and logistics enterprises from home and abroad, leading to an industrial system with the port-based industries, leading enterprises and integrated development of secondary and tertiary industries. The deep-water resources of the zone have served as its industrial advantage.
Daxie Development Zone has been approved as the national demonstration pilot zone for recycling transformation. It is the first development zone in Zhejiang Province with an annual revenue of over 10 billion yuan, and the fourth in Ningbo. It is one of the top three petrochemical industrial bases in Ningbo and an important part of the petrochemical industry of the Hangzhou Bay Industrial Belt.



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