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Ningbo International Airport and Logistics Zone
Location   Ningbo Lishe International Airport, 12 kilometers away from the central urban area, 8.5 kilometer away from the high-speed railway station and 42 kilometers away from the sea port, is located in a primary area of the city, thus leading to a ste...
Ningbo Economic & Technical Development Zone (NETD)
Ningbo Economic & Technical Development Zone (NETD), being one of the earliest and largest national development zones was officially established in October in 1984.   Located at the seashore of the East China Sea, east in Ningbo city and near Beilun Port,...
Dongqian Lake Tourist and Holiday Resort
General Situation   The history of the Dongqian Lake, a lake with marine vestiges, can be traced back to the geographic epoch. Being the largest freshwater lake in Zhejiang Province and having experienced continuous harnessing through past dynasties, it n...
Daxie Development Zone
Daxie Development Zone is located in the central section of the coastline of the mainland China. At the “T-shaped” converging point of the golden watercourse and the golden coastline of the Yangtze River, Daxie is a deep-water port zone in east Ningbo, at...
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