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Inquiry Time:£º2019/6/10 10:49:59                                        >>Consultation<<
Jennie£ºHi, I want to pick up blueberry. Can you recommend some places in Ningbo?

Answer£ºHello Jennie, you can go to Tiangong Farmstead and Dayan village. If you have any question, please call 0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2019/4/29 10:31:16                                        >>Consultation<<
cindy£ºHi, I want to know if you have travel group to Zhoushan peach island?

Answer£ºHello, for travel routes, you can ask the travel agency. The distribution center: 0574-871121111; Feiyang travel agency: 0574-27666666. For more travel inquiries, please call: 0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2019/3/28 10:37:34                                        >>Consultation<<
Amanda£ºIs there any place to camp in Ningbo?

Answer£ºHello, you can go to Shangshui Tent Camping Area, Shang Shui International RV Resort, Fenghua Xufuyan RV Camping Base. For more inquiries, please call: 0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2019/2/13 14:39:05                                        >>Consultation<<
Crystal£ºGood afternoon, can you recommend some museums in Ningbo?

Answer£ºHello, Crystal. The museums in Ningbo are followings: Ningbo Museum, Ningbo Gallery, NingboBang Museum and so on. If you have any question, please call 0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2019/1/28 14:12:47                                        >>Consultation<<
Gavin£ºHi! Is Nansong Stone park in Dongqian Lake free or need to buy ticket?

Answer£ºGood afternoon. The ticket price for the Nansong Stone Park is 55 yuan. If you have any question, please call0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2018/12/25 9:32:14                                        >>Consultation<<
Lisa£ºHi, where can we go to celebrate Christmas?

Answer£ºGood morning, Lisa. For Christmas, you can go to Tianyi Square, Old Bund and Drum Tower. If you have any question, please call 0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2018/11/14 15:30:04                                        >>Consultation<<
Sofia£ºGood afternoon! Could you please recommend unique homestay in downtown?

Answer£ºGood afternoon, Sofia. Followings are unqie homestay in downtown: Longguan Channa in Longguan countryside, Haishu Distirct; Yuanshe in Hengxi countryside, Yinzhou Distirct. If you have any question, please call 0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2018/10/17 9:32:22                                        >>Consultation<<
Mia£ºGood morning, how to go to Ninghai Forest Hot Spring?

Answer£ºHello Mia, you can go by car in G15 Shenhai Expressway - Ninghai Export - Meilin - Shamrock Town - Ninghai Forest Hot Spring.
Inquiry Time:£º2018/9/6 11:21:13                                        >>Consultation<<
Lisa£ºHi, I want to know if there has rose park in Ningbo and where it is located in?

Answer£ºHello, Lisa. Lisheng rose park is located in No.68 Yanshan Road Beilun District. It is the biggest rose park in Ningbo.
Inquiry Time:£º2018/8/6 10:14:25                                        >>Consultation<<
Adela£ºGood morning, I want to know if it is free to visit Ningbo Bang Museum?

Answer£ºHi, Adela. Ningbo Bang Museum is free to visit. If you have any questions, please call 0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2018/7/12 17:21:01                                        >>Consultation<<
Gavin£ºHi, I want to know how much is the ticket of Our Sea in Xiangshan County?

Answer£ºGood afternoon, Gavin. The adult fare is 198 yuan and the child fare is 99 yuan. If you have any question, please call 0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2018/6/7 16:17:31                                        >>Consultation<<
Roger£ºHi, where can we pick yangmei in Ningbo?

Answer£ºGood afternoon, Roger. You can pick yangmei in Zhilin Villa and Dubo Villa in Cixi. If you have any question, please call 0574-87279988.
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