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Inquiry Time:£º2019/4/29 10:31:16                                        >>Consultation<<
cindy£ºHi, I want to know if you have travel group to Zhoushan peach island?

Answer£ºHello, for travel routes, you can ask the travel agency. The distribution center: 0574-871121111; Feiyang travel agency: 0574-27666666. For more travel inquiries, please call: 0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2019/3/28 10:37:34                                        >>Consultation<<
Amanda£ºIs there any place to camp in Ningbo?

Answer£ºHello, you can go to Shangshui Tent Camping Area, Shang Shui International RV Resort, Fenghua Xufuyan RV Camping Base. For more inquiries, please call: 0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2019/2/13 14:39:05                                        >>Consultation<<
Crystal£ºGood afternoon, can you recommend some museums in Ningbo?

Answer£ºHello, Crystal. The museums in Ningbo are followings: Ningbo Museum, Ningbo Gallery, NingboBang Museum and so on. If you have any question, please call 0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2019/1/28 14:12:47                                        >>Consultation<<
Gavin£ºHi! Is Nansong Stone park in Dongqian Lake free or need to buy ticket?

Answer£ºGood afternoon. The ticket price for the Nansong Stone Park is 55 yuan. If you have any question, please call0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2018/12/25 9:32:14                                        >>Consultation<<
Lisa£ºHi, where can we go to celebrate Christmas?

Answer£ºGood morning, Lisa. For Christmas, you can go to Tianyi Square, Old Bund and Drum Tower. If you have any question, please call 0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2018/11/14 15:30:04                                        >>Consultation<<
Sofia£ºGood afternoon! Could you please recommend unique homestay in downtown?

Answer£ºGood afternoon, Sofia. Followings are unqie homestay in downtown: Longguan Channa in Longguan countryside, Haishu Distirct; Yuanshe in Hengxi countryside, Yinzhou Distirct. If you have any question, please call 0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2018/10/17 9:32:22                                        >>Consultation<<
Mia£ºGood morning, how to go to Ninghai Forest Hot Spring?

Answer£ºHello Mia, you can go by car in G15 Shenhai Expressway - Ninghai Export - Meilin - Shamrock Town - Ninghai Forest Hot Spring.
Inquiry Time:£º2018/9/6 11:21:13                                        >>Consultation<<
Lisa£ºHi, I want to know if there has rose park in Ningbo and where it is located in?

Answer£ºHello, Lisa. Lisheng rose park is located in No.68 Yanshan Road Beilun District. It is the biggest rose park in Ningbo.
Inquiry Time:£º2018/8/6 10:14:25                                        >>Consultation<<
Adela£ºGood morning, I want to know if it is free to visit Ningbo Bang Museum?

Answer£ºHi, Adela. Ningbo Bang Museum is free to visit. If you have any questions, please call 0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2018/7/12 17:21:01                                        >>Consultation<<
Gavin£ºHi, I want to know how much is the ticket of Our Sea in Xiangshan County?

Answer£ºGood afternoon, Gavin. The adult fare is 198 yuan and the child fare is 99 yuan. If you have any question, please call 0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2018/6/7 16:17:31                                        >>Consultation<<
Roger£ºHi, where can we pick yangmei in Ningbo?

Answer£ºGood afternoon, Roger. You can pick yangmei in Zhilin Villa and Dubo Villa in Cixi. If you have any question, please call 0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2018/5/11 14:09:55                                        >>Consultation<<
Abel£ºCan you recommend special homestay in Xiangshan?

Answer£ºHi, Abel. You can go to Island Peolple in Chantou Road Dongmen Island Shipu Town and That mountain that sea in Wenshan Village Maoyang Town. If you have any question, please call 0574-87279988
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