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Strategic Emerging Industries in Ning...
Over the first half of 2018, the strategic emerging industries in Ningbo have witnessed dramatic ...
Rail Transit Line No.3 Will Be Put in...
With the successful topping off of the Southern Business District Station of the rail transit lin...
·Innovation Boosts Economy in Fenghua
·Ningbo Will Host Smart City Expo in September
·Ningbo Youth Dancing Troupe Established
·Yellow Croaker Gourmet Festival Held
·International Robots Olympics
·3500 Ningbo Enterprises Will Attend 1st CIIE
·Yong Opera Comedy “Jiangxia Street” to Pr...
·Cool Summer in Xiangshan Studio
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Little Librarians in Action
As a part of summer vacation activity organized by the Ningguang Community, a group of left-behind children, who came to Ningbo...
Ningbo Contemporary Art Festival Come...
With the ending of the modern dance show “13 Months”, the five-day Ningbo Contemporary Art Festival as well as the Modern Dan...
·Sunflowers in Full Bloom
·Innovation Brisk at Ningbo National Hi-tech...
·Ningbo Auto Industry Accelerates Development
·2018 Ningbo New Energy Vehicle Subsidy Poli...
·Xiangshan Build Innovation Center of CETC
·The Green Belt Lighting Along the 6 Banks o...
·The Siming Mountainous Area Became a Nation...
·Beilun Appears “Love Fridge”
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  Inquiry Time:2018/8/6 10:14:25
  Adela:Good morning, I want to know if it is free to visit Ningbo Bang Museum?
  Inquiry Time:2018/7/12 17:21:01
  Gavin:Hi, I want to know how much is the ticket of Our Sea in Xiangshan County?
  Inquiry Time:2018/6/7 16:17:31
  Roger:Hi, where can we pick yangmei in Ningbo?
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Location   Ningbo Lishe International Airport, 12 kilometers away from the central urban area, 8.5 kilometer away from the high-speed railway station and 42 kilometers away from the sea port, is located in a primary area of the city, thus leading to a steady passenger flow and convenient logistics and transportation. The airport overpass and the Ningbo-Jinhua Freeway guarantees the three-hour...
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·About Tibet
·Taogong Island Scenic Area
·Hilton Guangzhou Tianhe
·Birchwood Manor
·Hotels in Xiangshan, Ningbo
·Balmoral Lodge Motel
·Tea Co.
·D Sky Home
·Cizer Coffee
·Coffee Mix
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·Evolution Cocktail Bar
·Peak 39 Bar
·A8 Music Club
·No.1 Club
·Ningbo Walmart
·Department Stores
·Ningbo Raffles City
·Cixi Intime City
·Fenghua Intime City
·Apple Store
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·China Develops New Diagnostic...
·Chinese Young Students Need M...
·Study: Omega-3s Could Help Ki...
·Research: Paternal smoking in...
·Study: Babies fed with solids...
·China Speeds up Price Reducti...
·Shenzhen Bookstore Creates Ne...
·Feng Zikai
·Chic Bookstores Spring Up in ...
·Ningbo Opera
·Lu You
·Reading Out Aloud
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