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Ningbo Won six National Science and T...
宁波科技奖.jpg The 2018 National Science and Technology Award Ceremony kicks off at Great Hall of the People in ...
Sanmen Bay Bridge will be opened to t...
三门湾大桥.jpg The Sanmen Bay Bridge and the wiring project (Ningbo Section), which passed the quality inspectio...
·Winter Ploughing Festival in Gulin Town Opens
·First ro-ro route for foreign trade opens a...
·Passenger flow at Ningbo airport hits 10m
·Kindergarten Children Visit Bus Station
·Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Hospital enters trial o...
·2019 New Year Concert of Ningbo held
·Ningbo Held New Year Cake Cultural Festival
·Line 3 Overcomes Multiple Engineering Nodes
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Number of new energy vehicle buyers u...
新能源汽车.jpg The reporter learned from the Car Purchase Tax Department of the Municipal Taxation Bureau that in 2018, the number of new moto...
Ningbo high-tech supports Chang'e 4 m...
嫦娥四号.jpg The successful landing of China's Chang'e 4 lunar probe on the far side of the moon, the first such landing in the history of s...
·Projects worth $17b underway in Ningbo
·Ningbo Go ranking tournament
·Strawberry-picking trips accelerate rural t...
·Children enjoy Chinese zodiac culture
·Ningbo ranks 3rd nationwide in rail-sea int...
·Ningbo opens special bus line to Pudong air...
·Qing’an Guild Hall Held Folk Custom Activi...
·Art brings vitality to Ningbo village
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  Inquiry Time:2018/12/25 9:32:14
  Lisa:Hi, where can we go to celebrate Christmas?
  Inquiry Time:2018/11/14 15:30:04
  Sofia:Good afternoon! Could you please recommend unique homestay in downtown?
  Inquiry Time:2018/10/17 9:32:22
  Mia:Good morning, how to go to Ninghai Forest Hot Spring?
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Ningbo Petrochemical Economic & Technological Development Zone is located in the northeast of Ningbo and on the southern bank of Hangzhou Bay. Lying next to the river and sea, the zone has superior natural conditions and the construction land is reclaimed from the river.   Traffic and transportation   The zone boasts of convenient traffic and transportation. The zone is adjacent to the larg...
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南宋石刻公园.jpg 宁波旅游.jpg 宁波旅游.jpg 鄞州博物馆.jpg
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·Site of Xanadu
·Golden Port Hotel Ningbo
·The Westin Nanjing
·Hotel Boss
·Shanghai Hidden Garden Intern...
·Wheat Hotel
·Mingzhi Barbecue
·New Glen's Pizza
·Health Tea
·Newland Pizza Restaurant
·Tea Co.
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·M Bar
·Dr. Jing Spa
·The Desert Oasis Music Bar
·Tianyi Square
·Jihe Mall
·The Eastern New City Yintai City
·Ningbo International Shopping...
·Ningbo Walmart
·Department Stores
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·AI medical image steps into w...
·TCM & wellness tours discusse...
·Study: Why people drink coffee
·Transparency needed for overs...
·Nano Technology Offers Hope f...
·Study: Overweight could lead ...
·Making the old new
·Allure of pages
·Bailudong: Old academy, new i...
·Children's Book Introduces Dubai
·Ningbo Bookstores awarded the...
·Cyborg Story Wins Chinese Sci...
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