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Marathon and Seafood
宁波马拉松.jpg The main event of the 16th Ningbo Xiangshan Seafood Festival “Marathon and Seafood”–2018 Poeti...
Harvest Time for Xiangshan "sea farm"...
紫菜.jpg From September to December of the lunar calendar is the harvest season of Xiangshan laver. In the...
·The Signing Ceremony of Ningbo and the “Be...
·The Beauty of HanFu
·Global Think Tank Forum held in Fenghua
·NFTZ Promotes Foreign Trade during CIIE
·Leaders of Ningbo meet Japanese Economic De...
·Grassland Music Festival
·Fly to the Sky, Airplanes
·Another Year of Harvest
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APEC Blue Economy Held in Ningbo
APEC蓝色会议.jpg The 5th APEC Blue Economy Forum was held in Ningbo, with the aim of deepening exchanges and cooperation among APEC members in t...
Ningbo’s foreign trade volume reache...
北仑港.jpg Ningbo Customs announced that the total import and export volume of the city in the first 10 months this year reached 710.62 bi...
·Ningbo Landscape Photography Exhibition Rev...
·New AI Project Set for Ningbo
·The 20th China Plastic Expo Closes in Yuyao
·The 20th China Plastic Expo kicks off in Yuyao
·Over 4,000 Companies Show up in Import Expo
·Ningbo Held Outdoor Symphony Concert
·Ningbo Established the first Cross-border E...
·Ningbo Attaches Great Importance to CIIE
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  Inquiry Time:2018/11/14 15:30:04
  Sofia:Good afternoon! Could you please recommend unique homestay in downtown?
  Inquiry Time:2018/10/17 9:32:22
  Mia:Good morning, how to go to Ninghai Forest Hot Spring?
  Inquiry Time:2018/9/6 11:21:13
  Lisa:Hi, I want to know if there has rose park in Ningbo and where it is located in?
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Ningbo Petrochemical Economic & Technological Development Zone is located in the northeast of Ningbo and on the southern bank of Hangzhou Bay. Lying next to the river and sea, the zone has superior natural conditions and the construction land is reclaimed from the river.   Traffic and transportation   The zone boasts of convenient traffic and transportation. The zone is adjacent to the larg...
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宁波旅游.jpg 宁波旅游.jpg 鄞州博物馆.jpg 沈氏大房.jpg
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·Haihua Hotel Hangzhou
·Hilton Garden Inn Ningbo
·Sheraton Ningbo Hotel
·Bellagio Resort
·Pullman Wenzhou
·Lake Palace
·New Glen's Pizza
·Health Tea
·Newland Pizza Restaurant
·Tea Co.
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·Dr. Jing Spa
·The Desert Oasis Music Bar
·Evolution Cocktail Bar
·Jihe Mall
·The Eastern New City Yintai City
·Ningbo International Shopping...
·Ningbo Walmart
·Department Stores
·Ningbo Raffles City
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·Study: Causal link between so...
·Study:People at rest burn mor...
·Research: Mediterranean diet ...
·Study: Happy childhood memory...
·Researchers recommend one-yea...
·Study: Cigarette pictorial wa...
·Ningbo Bookstores awarded the...
·Cyborg Story Wins Chinese Sci...
·Ningbo Embroidery
·China Reading Corner opens in...
·Wang Guowei
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